(My latest animated comedy spoof) In game footage from the obscure 1988 arcade hit RAD PUNX! I mean, who doesn’t remember the game Rad Punx? Fighting an endless armada of ninjas, street punks, mullet rockets and vaguely resembling horror movie icons on the streets of New York City(oh wait, that was every arcade game back then) It’s time to get totally rad to the max…RAD PUNX!

"Capsulated", my tribute to Akira (my all time favorite anime) from the musical project VANDALAZE I do. Soundcloud version  http://soundcloud.com/vandalaze/capsulated

Official site  http://vandalaze.tumblr.com/ And official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Vandalaze



The official site of Badical Power, the animated series of awesome badicalness by Cory You.