I know this blog is called “Badical Power” and was originally focused on my animated series til I got sidetracked with the music thing. BUT BEHOLD! Brand new Badical Power animated episode from moi^__^;; I dare say this is my most epic episode ever. From Minecraft, Adventure Time, Grimes and Ted Talks to Chuck E Cheese, Gamestop, Facebook, and old school arcade games; nothing is safe from my satire! Please spread if you dig it.

Two awesome things combined: The Sisters of Mercy “Driven Like the Snow” put to clips of David Lynch’s Lost Highway. I remember I used to be the biggest Sisters fan in the world practically. Still a huge Lynch fan.

If David Lynch had directed Dirty Dancing. It’s a spoof, but man it feels pretty authentic. Also, if you haven’t yet, check out the debut Lynch album “Crazy Clown Time”…it’s like the perfect trip hoppy desert road soundtrack to a Lynch film that exists only in his mind.



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