Vandalaze - House Of Two Oceans


Brand new song, “House of Two Oceans”. Bringing the mutant new beat funk. (Already have in mind a rather oddball music video in mind for it)


My latest episode of Badical Power, AKA “The Goth Episode”. I spoof a lot of goth/industrial bands, the club scene as well as early 90’s geek pop culture.

Just discovered KONTRAVOID. So amazing. Seeing them with Crystal Castles and HEALTH next month. The song is “Silent Visions”

Full HD 35 minute playthrough video of the video game to Gatekeeper’s EXO album.

Brand new track from my dark indie pop side project Vandalaze titled “Western Lights”. Soundcloud version   And official Facebook page:

Caught these guys opening for Salem last weekend, absolutely amazing. Another one of the great acts coming from the new indie EBM scene. Also check out White Car, Light Asylum, Gatekeeper, The Present Moment, Tearist and //TENSE//.

"The Start" music video by The Present Moment. Amazing act from the emerging "indie EBM" minimal wave scene bringing back industrial from the ghetto of cybergoth garbage. I love this song as it has a hint of Joy Division in there and other post punk elements.

Gatekeeper “Chains”. Totally been digging all the newer “indie EBM” acts

Amazingly dark as fvck witch pop from France. Unison “Lost Generation”

Amazing new song from Ritualz ( †‡† ) entitled alien. Seems he’s gone for a more EBM/futurepop sound, but I dig it. Sung in Spanish. Seems like a lot of the first wave witch house bands are evolving into their own thing. Track off the Hypermotion X record on Mishka records.



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