So this week I’ve seen in concert Soft Metals, Cosmetics, Chelsea Wolfe and oOoOO. This weekend is Mascara and Trust, and in October seeing Amon Tobin with Holy Other and Crystal Castles with HEALTH :) …tho, sadly I missed the Purity Ring show in San Francisco

So…what happens when a young teenage high schooler does stream of conscious lucid rants over dragged out witchy chillwave in the vein of Balam Acab, oOoOO and XXYYXX? You get the hottest new internet sensation Kitty Pride, with her song “Okay Cupid”(a site she seems way too young to know about!) Not sure I can get into this.

New oOoOO EP!!! “Our Love Is Hurting Us”

Whole thing streaming on XLR8R. So glad more mainstream sites are embracing the dark indie pop underground!

Putting the douche in hipster:(

Ugh, ended up leaving the Grimes/oOoOO show in San Francisco early and missing out on Grimes due to a few particular twats in the crowd. Seriously, what the fuck is up with the hipster crowd? 16 years going to goth/industrial shows and clubs I never had hardly any problems with anyone, two years going to “indie shows”, clubs and outdoor festivals…and fuck. Maybe it’s a California thing? Also hipsters don’t dance. I was dancing at Ladytron and was told to knock it off.

Hopefully the New York show/club crowd is much different. Just wait til I invade Williamsburg. Anyways, I can’t be too upset…

Whoah! Arabic inspired witch-housey chillwave? I do like indeed. “WARN U” by Ayshay (Fatima Al Qadiri) on the amazing Tri Angle label(oOoOO, Holy Other, etc.)

What can I say? I absolutely am digging this trippy witch house/trip hop stuff. oOoOO “Mumbai”. Reminds me of Dead Can Dance or goth dark wave stuff. Pretty soon you’ll be seeing witch house bands on Jimmy Fallon, lulz



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